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A Little Taste, A Little Tease

A popular bakery in our town has a cute little dessert shop with a case containing mouth-watering pastries, pies, and cakes. Every time I walk past the window I stop to look in, imagining how good those sweets would taste. Looking at, and smelling, the baked goods is enough to send me into overdrive with the desire to taste one of those delectable morsels again.

Reading a snippet of a delicious romance often causes the same kind of reaction as seeing those sweets. Of course, not all romance is of the sweet variety. Some contain equal amounts of bitter, like unsweetened dark chocolate, which can be just as tasty.

Here’s a small morsel of my upcoming paranormal romance “Royal Flush” that I hope will whet your appetite for the rest of the story. Meanwhile, I’m off to the bakery on the way to work…

 A brilliant flash lit the gloom and the magnificent black stallion reared.

“Whoa!” He lost his grip on the reins and grabbed for the long mane. As he slid off the side, one boot jammed in a stirrup, shooting excruciating pain up his leg. He realized the bone must have broken just as the back of his head slammed into the hard ground. The iron taste of blood filled his mouth.

As the terrified animal dragged him along, jagged rocks tore through his clothing and sliced his flesh. His helmet caught and the strap squeezed his windpipe. He struggled to draw breath as the horse pulled him along, stretching his neck. The edges of his vision darkened.

Then the strap broke, freeing him to draw a blessed breath into his air-starved lungs.

A distant voice shouted, “Where is he? Do you see him?”

Sharp brambles stabbed his raw skin as the horse changed direction yet again. The stirrup broke free of the saddle and dropped him, face-first, into a mud puddle. Dirty water filled his nostrils.

“Look…there’s his horse!” The voices sounded closer this time.

He rolled out of the water and coughed up a mouthful of muck as another rumble shook the ground. Rain dripped through gaps in the trees and he squeezed his eyelids shut when a drop fell into his eye. His head throbbed with each heartbeat and the darkness edging his vision thickened. A buzzing in his ears masked the sound of the people he saw approaching when he reopened his eyes and tilted back his head. The movement caused a pain so bad he thought he’d vomit.

Disoriented from seeing the world upside-down, he tried to maneuver into a better position, jarring his injured leg. The pain sent him over the edge…and he fell into the dark abyss.