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Time Marches On – Time to Renew Commitments

Clock tower on a 19th century brick building in Carson City, Nevada. A visual reminder of the passage of time.
Clock Tower on the Laxalt Building, Carson City, Nevada
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Nevada Magazine

Another Month

Time waits for no one. The tick of the clock is relentless. Grabbing every possible moment is key to achieving goals, whatever those might be. Each tick of the clock is potential. As month three of 2019 begins, the lesson is coming home to me more than ever. Time continues to march on despite my desire for things to slow down.

Time to Recommit

Each new moment is an opportunity to recommit to goals. No need to wait until tomorrow, next Monday, next month, or the New Year. My new motto “the time is now” is my mantra as I push forward to achieve my goals. Posting this thought over every surface I see on a regular basis will be a means of reinforcing the idea.

No Pressure

Artificial deadlines hinder my progress. While some authors plan out their goals in minute detail, this doesn’t work for me. My new attempt to be productive will be to just open one of my WIPs each and every day and see where that takes me. Writing, re-writing, editing, or adding to an outline will all help me to progress toward my ultimate goal of finishing the projects.


So each Wednesday, I’ll post on this blog to hold myself accountable. No word counts or deadlines for the time being – just the fact that I’ve worked on one of my projects at least once per day for at least thirty minutes. The current goal is to build writing routine back into my day.

Nothing New to See Here

Also, anyone interested in tracking my procrastination progress can check out these other posts: Time Thief, Day by Day, or Why Write. For some time now, I’ve struggled to get much writing done.

So what are your writing issues?

Maybe sharing them with each other will allow us the opportunity to help each other out. Suggestions are also welcome here.