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Top Ten: Reasons Why I Write

Last updated on January 18, 2020

The co-workers at my day job often wonder why I go home in the evenings and spend another three or four hours at the computer when I’ve just spent six to eight starting at one at my day job. I haven’t been able to answer the question up to this point so I thought I’d take a few minutes to come up with ten reasons for why I do what I do in the evenings.

1) TV. A lot of shows are boring and repetitive so I don’t watch as much as I once did. Spending my evenings with my own characters can be much more fun.

2) Reading. I often disagree with the course of the stories I read and want to change the outcome. What better way to do that than to write my own?

3) My day job. Since I work with historic documents, their content often gives me ideas I’d like to explore.

4) Sleep. My mind is so full of all the stories I’ve watched and read and the ideas I’ve come up with that I can’t rest until I’ve written them down.

5) “Lucy” syndrome. One of my favorite shows, “I Love Lucy,” gave me wacky ideas that I’m too afraid to try in real life so I try to live them through the characters I write.

6) Entertainment. I’m hopeful that someday something I write might affect someone in as positive way the works of my favorite authors amused me.

7) Immortality. How else can I hope anyone might know I existed hundreds of years in the future?

8) Change. Even fictional stories can inspire people to adjust their lives.

9) Typing. The feeling of moving my fingers over the keyboard is meditative and soothing.

10) Fame and fortune. Okay, not really. Maybe a little extra pocket change and the chance to feel like I’m somewhat known, whether I am or not.

What are the top ten reasons why you do what you do with your free time?