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It’s Alive!

Last updated on January 18, 2020

One of my favorite movies, Young Frankenstein, was on TV yesterday while the wonderful JT Hume and I struggled to finalize my new creation. When this movie came out in 1974, I’d already spent many Saturday afternoons watching re-releases of old movies like the comedies of Abbott & Costello, Bob Hope, Martin & Lewis, and others, and I laughed so hard at  the Mel Brooks classic that I watched it over and over…and over again.

While watching this time around, the thought occurred to me that releasing a book to the public feels to me much the way the travails of the monster must have felt to Dr. Frankenstein (that’s Franken-steen!). Will readers come after me with flaming torches and pitchforks because they fear what I’ve created? Does my creation have the elegant communication of the Monster after the procedure or will the words seem more like the grunting attempts to speak beforehand? Am I mad for even trying this experiment?

Like the mad doctor, I’ve created something cobbled together from bits and pieces of my own life experiences and “abby normal” brain. What readers take from the story will depend upon their own experiences and interpretations.

With that in mind, I would now like to introduce to you my own creation, Royal Flush. It’s alive!

Please don’t pull out the flaming torches and pitchforks right away…

If you get the chance and haven’t yet seen the movie, or even if you have, I also recommend checking out Young Frankenstein. You won’t regret it.